The ER Is My Doctor

A Highland patient makes her point that because we have so many uninsured people out there they use the ER as their primary care physician – thus driving up the overall cost of the system. Does that mean some model of universal health care is the answer?

  1. I’m interested in this post, and love that you filmed her face close up; it give me a better chance to lip read. (I’m deaf, so it would really help to have some captions optional.) But that’s beside the point…my comment is that this is an interesting project, because many people can relate. (I myself just went on disability for my deafness and must face the prospect of not being able to afford insurance). I hope it helps the decision-makers get in touch with the needs, and come up with some good bi-partisan answers.

    • Hi Beth

      Thank you so much for your comment. In fact we are working on having a subtitle option for the videos. So hopefully that’s coming soon. And we wish you the best of luck. The best thing you can do is forward the project on to your social network. That’s how these voices will get out there and make a difference!


  2. Well what does everyone else expect someone without health insurance to do? Going to the ER at that point is the only option at receiving any type of medical attention. One would think that The U.S (one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world) can and SHOULD support every citizen with the benefits he/she needs for reaching optimal health. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead money is put before the well being of a persons health and only the one’s who can afford basic health needs receive the advantage.

    I have Medicaid, which provides for basic health needs except for categories including cosmetics, and cosmetic surgery. I have been denied braces because they are in a category called cosmetic dentistry. The only cosmetic surgery I’ve had was on my cleft lip and pallet; and that was when I was a baby.

  3. Why did she started having health problems after she retired ?
    Everyone does not have health care.

  4. Everyone does not have health care , there trying to find a way to make that happen .

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