Going Home

In the summer of 2009 Andrew Morris was shot in the head in a road rage incident while driving with his three young children in Oakland, CA. With the courageous help of his children he survived and spent a month recovering at Alameda County Medical Center’s Highland Hospital. He was later transferred to Fairmont Rehabilitation Hospital where he received physical, occupational and speech therapy. Now he’s going home without health insurance, not knowing if all the bills will be paid.

  1. it is now the year 2013 and wow it is i andrew orris still here alive and ticking growing stronger everyday. dtill have many struggles and obstacles to overcome without any help from the state’s outdated social systems formula. just because ive worked hard all of my life paying so much in taxes and ssi im actually being punished for to the extent of my having to relocate out of the city oakland whereein i have grownup and lived y whole life leaving lifelong family friends and relationships.

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