Watch Over Me

Wanda Gore, a housekeeper at highland hospital, entertains the waiting room with a song.

  1. That was incredible!

  2. Yeah, she was quite a surprise. We’ve just scratched the surface. There are many more people with hidden talents and stories roaming the halls and waiting rooms of Highland Hospital.

  3. You have a beautiful voice, Wanda. If your singing can lift up my spirit on the computer, it must’ve done wonders for the people in the waiting room!

  4. My husband came out of the room to see who was singing! What an inspiring way to start the day – and Wanda, you have a stunning voice. Thank you for sharing it with the WR and many thanks to the WR for this project and for sharing you with us!

    • Thanks for following Kim! More to come as we begin production of the film next month.

  5. That was so encouraging! We all have many hidden talents that can serve to inspire others and show us how we are ALL connected. Because of that connectedness what happens to one is felt by all on some level. Thank you Wanda and…thank you the people who began “The Waiting Room”, for sharing another view of what is part of heathcare reform.

  6. Thanks Jennifer!

  7. Wanda, you are amazing! I never knew what beauty was hiding beneath your humming! Long time no see, I miss you!

  8. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the frontline staff nurses at Highland Hospital and have seen their dedication, passion and sensitivity for the people that they serve.

    You’ve peeled back the onion to what AMERICA needs to see..pain, frustration, uncertainty, desperation for UNIVERSAL healthcare.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing and it’s important for AMERICA to see that it could happen to anyone of us, so..NOW is the time for SINGLE PAYOR healthcare for ALL!

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