My Country

Jorge Powinforbes, a diabetic, talks about how easy access to health care in his native Guyana encourages people to visit health clinics and hospitals more often.

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  2. I don’t know what the best solution is to the rnsiig cost of healthcare services or the rnsiig cost of healthcare insurance premiums but I certainly do not believe that denial of healthcare services based on the ability to pay is a humane solution. The biggest problem seems to be that those who do not have healthcare insurance and are unable to pay for healthcare services are going to hospital emergency rooms for treatment of minor illnesses and routine care. I think maybe government-sponsored free clinics with healthcare services paid for by Medicaid might relieve the overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and move those who are unable to afford healthcare insurance and unable to pay for healthcare services to a healthcare facility where the cost of treating indigent patients is much less than at hospital emergency rooms. Those government-sponsored free clinics can easily be established at hospital out-patient clinics and staffed by licensed nurse practitioners under the supervision of a physician. I think it is the excessive cost of treating indigent patients for minor illnesses and routine care at hospital emergency rooms is what is largely responsible for rnsiig healthcare insurance premiums because the hospital losses for treating indigent patients is passed on in higher cost of treating those patients who do have healthcare insurance.

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