Breathing Lessons

7-year-old Nia Walker is treated for her asthma problems. After the doc checks her out, Nia sips on a carton of milk while her parents discuss healthcare costs, universal healthcare, and the high asthma rates of African Americans.

  1. I couldn’t agree with Nia’s parents more. A pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Democrats see universal health care a humanitarian issue. Now if the Republicans would see the financial side, it would be a slam dunk. The ER is a safety net, but it shouldn’t have to be catching so many people.
    Seeing Doug in action makes me proud to be in this line of work.

  2. This shows another issue of being under insured in healthcare. Not only do you get lower quality of health care, you don’t get to have the right check ups. Like he said in the video, most people that are under insured go to the hospital with illnesses that are worse then they would have been if they would have gotten the proper care. Since the hospital is seen as a last resort, the illness is worse than it should be and takes more time and care to cure.

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