Highland emergency department RN April talks about connection to community and the relationship she has with her patients.

  1. I know you like what you are doing, but the people you are helping expect help with out no charge but tax payers are supporting these needs and every body thinks it is ok Somebody needs to help change what is expective of all citizens to pay their own way. If all free health care was cut off what would happen to your job? How much would health care cost everybody then, this won’t happen is long as we have politichtions looking to keep their jobs. But think about it we who pay taxes pay for people who don’t. What is faire I don’t know what is anymore we pay out for everybody where does it end. I have enought trouble trying to help my daughter I can’t help somebody else’s.

  2. Thanks for offering your thoughts and we wish you and your daughter all the best.

  3. I continue to be disturbed that the conversation on the national level went from universal health CARE to universal health INSURANCE. I believe that we need a way to take care of the health care needs of all of our citizens, whether they receive insurance through their employers or are earning enough to pay for insurance or not.

  4. I am a Nurse and I believe that Health Care is a human right. With our current system , one illness can bankrupt a family. A family who has jobs, benefits and pays taxes. If you are poor or disabled, your options are even less. If you believe in the dignity of human life, of second chances, and of our nation of opportunity–you can’t have that with out access to healthcare. Illness and disease affects everyone. Our communites will not prosper if only those who have money , have healthcare. Expand Medicare for ALL!

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  6. I guess if it is not prohibited in the Constitution it could be alleowd. The constitution is a flexible thing, anyway. It is subject to changes, and it should be apparent that after more than 200 years, additions or modifications should be considered when needed. The world changes, and we must adapt and change with it in my opinion. Should we say that people with no health insurance will get no care unless they are wealthy? I guess that would be fair to the rest of us who are tired of carrying those who don’t. Was this answer helpful?

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