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“We’re at a point in the United States where there’s an ever increasing need for the services of community hospitals, and these community hospitals have less and less resources all the time…”

Breathing Lessons

“If you’re underemployed you’re under-insured, and if you’re under-insured, then you don’t go get checked. So by the time you get checked you’re really sick.”


“Just trying to feel healthy again, that’s it. Get back to work tomorrow.”

Old friends, new wounds

“When I got hit something said, it ain’t time for you to go. God said, it ain’t time for you to go.”

Sugar and Cigarettes

“I went from a Harley-Davidson and a Lexus to a rusty, old 1975 van. I’ve had to downsize everything.”

Lucy’s Patients

“I’ve been waiting for medical school and I’ve been waiting for the chance to actually realize my dreams.”


“In every adversity there’s a seed for the equivalent of greater benefit. ”


“Oh, man, waiting? I lost two and a half years of my life. So this shouldn’t be nothin’.”

Under Pressure

“I’m stressing man, I’m not gonna lie. I got bills I gotta pay. God gonna bless me though.”

My Country

“In my country (Guyana) health care is totally free. It encourages people to visit their doctors.”


“I had a big accident and I was going to be paralyzed.”

Count Your Blessings

“If it wasn’t for Alameda County services or any county services, what would we do?”

Taxi Driver

“I’m here because I’m hurtin’ all over. I was attacked early Saturday morning.”

Pain Management

“I tried to deal with the pain, until it got so severe, I just couldn’t take it no more.”

The Vote

“I don’t think we have any delusions that we’re gonna have a health care bill and suddenly it’s all gonna be fixed.”

Eye of the Storm

“I use the Internet. It’s like the closest form of health insurance I have.”


“The bus will unload and an exodus of patients will come.”

The Final Wait

“We treat everyone with respect, as if it was one of our family members who has passed on.”

Watch Over Me

“I love being a housekeeping worker because I stay on my feet and I like that.”

Short of Breath

“I don’t want to have to come here to check myself into ER just so I can get my prescriptions filled.”

Not Just a Number

“Sometimes you feel like you’re just a number.”

Out of Touch

“Unfortunately, Washington D.C. is not in touch with the real America.”

Three Square Meals

“I lost a nephew behind cancer.”

My Voice, My Life

“They need to hear our voice in order to determine what we need.”

Every Man for Himself

“We just don’t have enough doctors, or maybe there are just too many patients.”

Born to Run

“There’s always chaos or a crisis … and running helps me deal with that. ”

My Sons

“I am from India. My two sons are here. I come to see them every year. I miss them very much.”

People Watcher

“There’s certain people I wouldn’t ordinarily have talked to that I talk to now in the waiting room.”

Hearts and Minds

“Everybody in here needs help or they wouldn’t be here.”

A Call for Help

“We do want justice, but most of all we want Helen to get better. ”