Sugar and Cigarettes

“I went from a Harley-Davidson and a Lexus to a rusty, old 1975 van. I’ve had to downsize everything.”

Not Just a Number

“Sometimes you feel like you’re just a number.”

Out of Touch

“Unfortunately, Washington D.C. is not in touch with the real America.”

Like Pulling Teeth

“Sometimes you get proper care. Sometimes you don’t. It’s a coin toss.”

Steel and Bones

“It’s a crime. They should have more facilities like this open for people who need help.”

Seeking Shelter

“I feel like Obama is doing the best he can to reform. But he can’t do it alone.”

Speak Up!

“The more people start going to town meetings, speaking about it, something can get done.”

The ER Is My Doctor

“I’m basically retired. I have very little income. And suddenly I have some health problems. ”