“We’re at a point in the United States where there’s an ever increasing need for the services of community hospitals, and these community hospitals have less and less resources all the time…”


“Just trying to feel healthy again, that’s it. Get back to work tomorrow.”


“Oh, man, waiting? I lost two and a half years of my life. So this shouldn’t be nothin’.”

My Country

“In my country (Guyana) health care is totally free. It encourages people to visit their doctors.”


“I had a big accident and I was going to be paralyzed.”

Count Your Blessings

“If it wasn’t for Alameda County services or any county services, what would we do?”

Eye of the Storm

“I use the Internet. It’s like the closest form of health insurance I have.”

Born to Run

“There’s always chaos or a crisis … and running helps me deal with that. ”

Hearts and Minds

“Everybody in here needs help or they wouldn’t be here.”

Seventh Inning Stretch

“Healing people … and health care is a basic right of human beings.”


“There’s a lot of people who are worse of than we are. Those are the people we need to care about too.”

Come in Early

“It’s just really busy today Pumpkin, I just can’t take you with these people checking in to see a doctor.”

Little Hands

“You’re a good baby doll. Grown people don’t even be this good.”

Another Lost Job

“Patient: Any idea how long the wait is? Nurse: I’ll give you one word. LONG.”


“Besame, besame mucho, Como si fuera esta noche la ultima vez.”