Lucy’s Patients

“I’ve been waiting for medical school and I’ve been waiting for the chance to actually realize my dreams.”


“In every adversity there’s a seed for the equivalent of greater benefit. ”

Under Pressure

“I’m stressing man, I’m not gonna lie. I got bills I gotta pay. God gonna bless me though.”

Pain Management

“I tried to deal with the pain, until it got so severe, I just couldn’t take it no more.”

The Vote

“I don’t think we have any delusions that we’re gonna have a health care bill and suddenly it’s all gonna be fixed.”

My Sons

“I am from India. My two sons are here. I come to see them every year. I miss them very much.”

Ounce of Prevention

“Every single day I see patients that say they’ve lost their Kaiser insurance.”


“There’s a lot of people who are worse of than we are. Those are the people we need to care about too.”