“Just trying to feel healthy again, that’s it. Get back to work tomorrow.”

My Country

“In my country (Guyana) health care is totally free. It encourages people to visit their doctors.”

The Vote

“I don’t think we have any delusions that we’re gonna have a health care bill and suddenly it’s all gonna be fixed.”

Eye of the Storm

“I use the Internet. It’s like the closest form of health insurance I have.”

Every Man for Himself

“We just don’t have enough doctors, or maybe there are just too many patients.”

The Speech

“If you can’t navigate the plan, how would you even know what you qualify for.”

Seventh Inning Stretch

“Healing people … and health care is a basic right of human beings.”

Steel and Bones

“It’s a crime. They should have more facilities like this open for people who need help.”

The ER Is My Doctor

“I’m basically retired. I have very little income. And suddenly I have some health problems. ”

Teeth Not Included

“I think it’s kind of shabby, you know, a lot of people don’t have any options, dental care is so expensive. ”