“We’re at a point in the United States where there’s an ever increasing need for the services of community hospitals, and these community hospitals have less and less resources all the time…”

The Vote

“I don’t think we have any delusions that we’re gonna have a health care bill and suddenly it’s all gonna be fixed.”

Going Home

“Our oldest son describes his face right before the bullet hit as terror.”

Lost in Translation

“My job is to interpret the patients from their language to English. From English to their language.”

Come in Early

“It’s just really busy today Pumpkin, I just can’t take you with these people checking in to see a doctor.”

Little Hands

“You’re a good baby doll. Grown people don’t even be this good.”

CJ Counting Heads

“So, the way we are looking now we will be well over 200 (patients) by the time I leave today.”