“Just trying to feel healthy again, that’s it. Get back to work tomorrow.”

Old friends, new wounds

“When I got hit something said, it ain’t time for you to go. God said, it ain’t time for you to go.”

Sugar and Cigarettes

“I went from a Harley-Davidson and a Lexus to a rusty, old 1975 van. I’ve had to downsize everything.”


“In every adversity there’s a seed for the equivalent of greater benefit. ”

Under Pressure

“I’m stressing man, I’m not gonna lie. I got bills I gotta pay. God gonna bless me though.”

My Country

“In my country (Guyana) health care is totally free. It encourages people to visit their doctors.”

Eye of the Storm

“I use the Internet. It’s like the closest form of health insurance I have.”

Short of Breath

“I don’t want to have to come here to check myself into ER just so I can get my prescriptions filled.”

Not Just a Number

“Sometimes you feel like you’re just a number.”

My Voice, My Life

“They need to hear our voice in order to determine what we need.”

Every Man for Himself

“We just don’t have enough doctors, or maybe there are just too many patients.”

People Watcher

“There’s certain people I wouldn’t ordinarily have talked to that I talk to now in the waiting room.”

Hearts and Minds

“Everybody in here needs help or they wouldn’t be here.”

A Call for Help

“We do want justice, but most of all we want Helen to get better. ”

The Speech

“If you can’t navigate the plan, how would you even know what you qualify for.”

Mi Hermano

“In Mexico if you don’t have money, they won’t treat you.”

Seventh Inning Stretch

“Healing people … and health care is a basic right of human beings.”

Like Pulling Teeth

“Sometimes you get proper care. Sometimes you don’t. It’s a coin toss.”


“A lot of my friends don’t have insurance, so it’s good to have this place to come to. ”

Going Home

“Our oldest son describes his face right before the bullet hit as terror.”


“There’s a lot of people who are worse of than we are. Those are the people we need to care about too.”

Steel and Bones

“It’s a crime. They should have more facilities like this open for people who need help.”

Lives on the Line

“I think America needs to see what goes on inside all the county hospitals.”

Waiting in East Oakland

“What am I waiting for? Well actually, I’m waiting, I mean, the economy is bad. We need help. We need jobs.”

Lost in Translation

“My job is to interpret the patients from their language to English. From English to their language.”

Seeking Shelter

“I feel like Obama is doing the best he can to reform. But he can’t do it alone.”

Little Hands

“You’re a good baby doll. Grown people don’t even be this good.”

Patients Need Patience

“You can walk away and in one moment you come back and you got a line towards the door.”

Speak Up!

“The more people start going to town meetings, speaking about it, something can get done.”

The ER Is My Doctor

“I’m basically retired. I have very little income. And suddenly I have some health problems. ”